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              廣東“十四五”《規劃綱要》發布 推進有條件地區和行業碳排放率先達峰


              網絡舉報APP下載 粵運美好出行 嶺南道德楷模視頻庫 安安有約——藥品科普大講堂白云松濤廣東工人藝術團送文藝進企業 第八批 “中國夢”主題新創作歌曲展








              News Guangdong

              Chinese vice premier stresses efforts to deepen reform, opening-up

              Chinese Vice Premier Han Zheng has called for unswerving efforts to deepen reform and opening-up and push forward high-quality development during an inspection tour to south China's Guangdong Province.

              Qianhai offers HK catering businesses subsidies

              A ONE-OFF subsidy that will be offered by the Qianhai authority to Hong Kong-funded catering enterprises starting businesses in the free trade area was unveiled at a seminar Friday afternoon. It is the latest effort to create a living environment similiar to Hong Kong in Qianhai while deepening Shenzhen-Hong Kong cooperation.

              19th Conference on International Exchange of Professionals kicks off in Shenzhen

              The 19th Conference on International Exchange of Professionals kicked off in China's tech hub Shenzhen on Saturday, attracting over 1,200 professional institutions and organizations as well as over 10,000 government representatives, experts and high-end talents from more than 30 countries and regions.

              China's first Mars rover named Zhurong

              China's first Mars rover has been named Zhurong, announced the China National Space Administration (CNSA) on Saturday, China's Space Day.
              NPC&CPPCC Annual Sessions 2021Guangdong combats COVID-19

              Foshan ushered in the first real-time transfer funding policy in China

              On April 23rd, Foshan held a kick-off conference for its ground-breaking real-time transfer funding policy targeting enterprises, as addressed by Guo Wenhai, Deputy Secretary of the Foshan CPC Party Committee and Acting Mayor.

              China's Baiyun Int'l Airport becomes world's busiest hub in 2020: report

              China's Baiyun International Airport in Guangzhou has overtaken Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport as the world's busiest hub in 2020, an international trade group said Thursday.

              Guangdong Updates Subscription
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